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Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. Soon it will be the same thing.

Stella Kinyanjui - Kwakoo Group | Kenya

Kwakoo Academy is the world’s cutting-edge online technology school that offers top-of-the-line education materials and online classes in real time from beginner to expert level. We live in a dramatically evolving technological and knowledge society. This new technology know as Blockchain is disrupting industries, supply chains, and creating an alternative method of trust in every market. Understanding the basics of this technology is paramount to making informed decisions about the future of every company.

Kwakoo Academy is our place to is a platform that defines what technology enabled learning is all about. Technology Enabled Learning (or TEL) is the ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources. At Kwakoo Academy we provide and support a host of Technology Enabled Learning solutions primarily focused towards business application but also to leading academic universities, helping all them in delivering their financial curriculum to both staff and their clients. From business performance Apps and Video Training courses delivered direct to the authorized users mobile, smartphone, iPad and tablets, too interactive financial simulation platforms, all designed to take advantage of the latest available technologies.

The Kwakoo Academy courses are also designed for developers, programmers and designers who are seeking competencies in the blockchain space. Our programs focus on the following blockchain platforms: Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Corda, Stellar and EOS.


Technology can become the “wings” that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before—if we will allow it.

Shem Kagane – Kwakoo Group | Kenya

We believe that blockchain certifications are serious. The course provided at Kwakoo Academy are designed to ensure that our students are receiving the highest quality training and that what they are learning is relevant andd of value to industry. We provide our course delegates with ‘Certificates of Completion” for every level achieved.

  • Level 1: BeginNer Package
    Introductory Courses: CODE 101

    • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Fudamentals
    • Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology
    • Fundamentals of Ethereum Blockchain
    • Fundamentals of Fintech
    • Basics of Hyperledger Blockchain
    • Forex Trading Essentials
    • Fundamentals of Smart Contracts
    • Introduction to Digital Marketing
    • Fundamentals of E-Commerce
    • Fundamentals of Blockchain in Supply Chain

  • Level 2: Intermediate Package
    Intermediate Courses: CODE 202

    • Understanding Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
    • Blockchain for Business
    • Ethereum Blockchain and Applications
    • Fintech in Financial Services
    • Hyperledger Business Applications
    • Profitable Understanding Smart Contracts
    • Forex Trading
    • Understanding Digital Marketing
    • Profitable E-Commerce Businesses
    • Understanding Blockchain in Supply Chain

  • Level 3: Advance Packages
    Advance Package: CODE 303

    • Advanced Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
    • Understanding Blockchain Applications
    • Advanced Fintech in Financial Services
    • Advanced Ethereum Blockchain
    • Advanced Hyper ledger Blockchain
    • Advanced Forex Trading Smart Contracts in Business
    • Advanced Digital Marketing Skills
    • Advanced E-Commerce & Technology
    • Advanced Blockchain in Supply Chain

    Expert Package: CODE 404

    • Certified Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Expert
    • Certified Ethereum Expert
    • Certified Block chain Expert
    • Certified Fintech Expert
    • Certified hyper ledger Expert
    • Certified Forex Trading Expert
    • Certified Smart Contract Expert
    • Certified Digital Marketing Expert
    • Certified Sustainable E-Commerce Expert
    • Certified Block chain in Supply Chain Expert


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