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It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. We are breaking new frontiers with Kwakoo Group offerings

Jackson Kamanda - Kwakoo Group | DR Congo

OnyxCoin is a robust smart contract ecosystem for anything that can be programmed. Finance, Education, Health, Fashion, Ecommerce, Government, Enterprise solutions that supports over 10,000 transactions per second. OnyxChain is a next-generation innovation that combins both power, speed and a robust smart contract ecosystem to deliver value across the payments and digital asset paradigm. OnyxChain is decentralized, open source and secure. OnyxChain combines both dPoS and vBFT consensus algorithms to securely transmit transactions expediently. This seamless multi-channel offering creates an integrated customer experience. Responsive mobile and web app platforms strengthen conversions, particularly with the OnyxPay solution.

We are fully integrating our OnyxCoin with OnyxPay we have a solution that can power Kwakoo Marketplace the flagship eCommerce platform. This all aids to strengthen our digital capabilities and support continued sales growth. We are also focused on user needs by leveraging Big Data to better understand market trends. These insights increase efficiency and productivity in our service provision. Data helps us predict consumer behavior from routine tasks to help businesses to run smoothly. This information on the OnyxChain is secure and cab be used to provide enhanced personalized interactions that make customers experience more rewarding.

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