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A highly competitive innovation market across most sectors creating and securing business applications is a challenging task.

Abishiek Shah – Group Managing Director, Kwakoo Group

OnyxPay is a digital banking payments platform that sends value across the global without downtime or censorship powered by Agents. We are revolutionizing the way payments are made. OnyxPay is a global infrastructure for real time settlements and money transfer using a powerful Blockchain called OnyxChain. People can send and receive money globally at the cheapest rates and in real time. OnyxPay intends to disrupt a $600 billion market for money transfer.

OnyxPay can facilitate instant, secure and low-cost international payment processing services and present a platform from which to build stable business solutions in the future. Our business model is unique because of its security and ease of use. This makes OnyxPay a unique solution powered by an immutable Blockchain. OnyxPay has mapped the market focusing initially on high-value remittance countries where we have presence through OnyxCoin. Our initial development and launch for OnyxPay is focused on the low-to-middle income segment of the migrant worker population in developing countries. This sizable market is price sensitive, technologically proficient and offers a gateway to mobile wallet users in their home-countries.

We have also included a robust functionality that will allow our system framework to offer other industry players an opportunity to interphase with us and setup their own brands. Partnerships like this which offer turnkey solutions, will exponentially increase our reach in the market. These companies and individuals will form an important synergy in our solution rollout and provide the brick and mortar presence in the market. Our strength lays within our community and the ability to efficiently roll out our agents’ network across Africa.

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