Starter Plans



1,000 Coins
  • Binary Points: 20pts
  • Upgradable Account
  • Token Value = $0.1 per Coin



2,000 Coins
  • Binary Points: 40pts
  • Upgradable Account
  • Token Value = $0.1 per Coin



5,000 Coins
  • Binary Points: 100pts
  • FUpgradable Account
  • Token Value = $0.1 per Coin

Specialist Plans



10,000 Coins
  • Binary Points: 200pts
  • Upgradable Account
  • Token Value = $0.1 per Coin



20,000 Coins
  • Binary Points: 400pts
  • Upgradable Account
  • Token Value = $0.1 per Coin



50,000 Coins
  • Binary Points: 1,000pts
  • Upgradable Account
  • Token Value = $0.1 per Coin

Expert Plans



100,000 Coins
  • Binary Points: 2,000pts
  • Upgradable Account
  • Token Value = $0.1 per Coin



500,000 Coins
  • Binary Points: 10,000pts
  • Upgradable Account
  • Token Value = $0.1 per Coin



1,000,000 Coins
  • Binary Points: 20,000pts
  • Upgradable Account
  • Token Value = $0.1 per Coin

About The OnyxCoin Public Sale

OnyxCoin is one of the most transformative technologies since the invention of the Internet. OnyxCoin stands firmly in support of financial freedom and the liberty that Bitcoin provides globally for anyone to voluntarily participate in a permissionless and decentralized network.

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How It Works?

The OnyxCoin Public Sale is the most innovative aspect of our ICO. We will give back 35% of all the money raised to investors who bring their network onto the platform though our Affiliate Marketing Program. All this is backed up by the Kwakoo Marketplace proposition that ensures the OnyxCoins value grows organically

What is OnyxCoin

Choose your Investment

You will need to be referred to register on the portal. Remember to keep your username/password in a safe place to access your coins.

Load your Wallet

Blockchain works best with OnyxCoin. You can use bitcoin, ether or Lite to buy your package from the wallet which is both a seamless and secure experience.

Buy your Package

Once successfully register on the system, you will be given an opportunity to pay for you package. Remember you can always upgrade your package at any time for greater earnings.

Start Earning

OnyxCoin Public Sale portal will continue to give back. You can choose to introduce your network and start earning referral and binary income today.

Let Us Help You to Find a Solution That Meets Your Needs

if you think it's just you're looking for. Please contact us!

Unique Features

Our compensation packages are designed to ensure that all those who enter the OnyxCoin Public Sale get real returns on their investment through our very simple bonuses structure. Our process includes:

1. Quick Payments

Refer your friends and family to our platform today. You will be able to withdraw your earnings seamlessly to your crypto-wallet

2. Binary Bonus

We have structured the bonuses to ensure we give value to all those who invest. Our bonuses structure pay out upto 60% binary bonus

3. Reward Packages

Our structure revolves around giving more! For every package you invest in or refer, you will get loyalty points that can win you a brand new Mercedes Benz

4. Daily Income

The OnyxCoin Public Sale generates you a daily income! We have the highest payouts in the industry to make your investment worthwhile

Public Sale Proposition

OnyxCoin Affiliate program was structured provide value to all those who participate in our Public Sale. 35% of the money collected through our OnyxCoin Public Sale will be paid back to investors through our Referral and Binary Earnings. By leveraging your networks, you can get instant earnings with our platform.

  • 65% - Kwakoo Marketplace Investment

  • 35% - Affiliate Program Investors