We've built a platform to make it easier for you to work with.

OnyxCoin is one of the most transformative technologies in Africa since the invention of the Internet. OnyxCoin is built to support digital payments. OnyxCoin will be launched onto the market through an ICO with an aim to raise money vital in the building and power of its ecosystem Kwakoo Marketplace.

OnyxCoin is built for service to work in a real time economy that facilitates inter Africa commerce and trade while expediting movement of goods and services. With this in mind we have made our solution simple and easy to understand to further include the greater population in Africa that lives in the rural areas.

Let's Start

Creating new realities

OnyxCoin has great features that make it the best place to be able to make innovation move forward focused on productivity.

  • Manage Your Portfolio

    We will empower the youth in Africa to look at OnyxCoin as the utility they need to leverage financial independence and prosperity for all

  • High trading volume

    We will target the rural population which forms 74% of Africa's population to trade on the Onyx Exchange giving us the numbers needed to build a solid business model

  • Mobile Apps

    The OnyxCoin Mobile App is designed to be used in Africa maintaining functionality even in its simple structure


Why Choose Us?

We are changing the Investment narrative. OnyxCoin is a crypto which serves a community. OnyxCoin is the first crypto technology of it's kind that is innovating to foster trade and commerce through a discount and bonus system. In this regard, it will lift whole communities on the African continent.


Secure Network

Built on the Ethereum network OnyxCoin is an ER20 Token that is both robust and secure. Using Smart Contracts we will be able to shape the course of business in Africa and streamline processes on our platform.


A Better User Interface

OnyxCoin wallet has features most other wallets don't have. If you don't need them, you can use several other wallets on top of OnyxCoin without losing our integrated core security and privacy benefits.


Support The Network

OnyxCoin will truly support the peer network system for the evolving African Blockchain innovations by establishing a secure framework that businesses can interphase with seamlessly and provide value to the community.